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Vinigalpão - The best solution in PVC canvas warehouse

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The Vinigalpão


Sansuy vinigalpão is directed to clients who want to explore intelligent solutions for storage. The pyramid shape ceiling model is constructed in a galvanized steel frame structure and PVC tarpaulin with Sansuy standard quality. Learn about the benefits and features of our product.


The Vinigalpão is a PVC canvas warehouse with a pyramid shape ceiling in a lattice fire galvanized metallic carbon steel structure covered with vinyl canvas.
The metal profiles resistant modules allows the structure to resist wind loads according to ABNT NBR 6123..
The canvas is made with flexible PVC laminated reinforced with high-tenacity polyester, composed by multilayer PVC, impermeable.



The canvas material is formulated with UV resistance, antioxidant, anti-mold and not to propagate flame according to theABNT NBR 9442/1986, NFPA 701 and CFM-1237.Featuring "blackout" or "translucent" canvas, as required for use or application. The canvas receives a layer of formulated UV resistance lacquer that functions to minimize the dirt impregnation and facilitate cleaning. Canvases connections are made at the factory through a high frequency welding machine, ensuring high quality, strength, durable seams, thus ensuring waterproofing of the total covered area.



  • Tradition, Quality, Safety, Strength, Durability.
  • Blackout canvas lifespan is estimated at 10 years.
  • Without intermediate columns, the inner space of vinigalpão is completely usable.
  • Ease of access (side or front doors) - complete free internal space allows for storage, handling and internal transport of any product.
  • Natural lighting through translucent stripes on the PVC cover eliminates the need for electricity during the day.
  • Optional artificial lighting can be provided.
  • Ventilation openings through the top and side covers junctions.
  • The Vinigalpão can be equipped with exhaust fans and / or air conditioning system.
  • Possibility of placing gutters to capture rainwater.
  • Assemblingon any plancompacted terrain (earth, asphalt, concrete) or, according to the dimensions, anchored on bases / foundations.
  • The vinigalpão can be enlarged or reduced in length in multiples of 5 meters.
  • Can be re-assemble in a new location without damaging structure or cover.
  • Easy maintenance PVC Canvas, small holes or tears can be easily repaired without damaging its configuration.
  • Excellent Cost Benefit ratio.
  • Technical Responsibility - ART-CREA.
  • Technical assistance worldwide.

The Vinigalpão fits your need
Special dimensions under consultation
W - Width(m) 10,00 15,00 20,00 25,00 30,00 35,00 40,00 45,00 50,00
PD - Pé Direito(m) 5,00 a 8,00 5,00 a 8,00 5,00 a 8,00 5,00 a 8,00 5,00 a 8,00 5,00 a 8,00 5,00 a 8,00 5,00 a 8,00 5,00 a 8,00
HR - Central Height(m) 6,65 a 9,75 7,50 x 10,50 8,30 a 11,30 9,00 a 12,05 9,70 a 12,70 11,60 a 14,60 12,50 a 15,50 13,40 a 16,40 14,30 a 17,30
L - Length(m) 20 a ∞ 30 a ∞ 30 a ∞ 30 a ∞ 50 a ∞ 50 a ∞ 50 a ∞ 50 a ∞ 50 a ∞

The vinigalpão can be infinitely expanded, lengthwise, in 5 meter modules

Get to know some of Sansuy´s success cases

Vinigalpão Sansuy to Itaqui Port, Manaus

With a total area of of 17000 square meter, Sansuy assembled at the Itaqui Port a warehouse for storing bags of cellulose. The highlight of the project was one of the warehouses with a 47m of column to column free space

Sansuy Vinigalpão for Toyota

One more example of tradition, reliability and versatility, Sansuy shows one more of its cases, a Vinigalpão assembled at Toyota-Boshoku with a column to column free space of 30m.

Sansuy Vinigalpão for Furnas

One more example of tradition, reliability and versatility, Sansuy shows one more of its cases, a Vinigalpão assembled at Furnas.


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Zip Code: 06830-900


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